Art comes from Art. These images are collected from the internet and displayed using the architecture of the desktop. Here is mix of painting, sculpture, drawings, film and photography of artists alive and dead. Every artist working today has a mix of this vast archive to both draw from and to distinguish himself from. The internet has delivered an infinite array of images from art and every other sphere in a dizzying, overwhelming and random display. These collages started simply as a game for my own entertainment, a collection of images that I love. This sudden juxtaposition sets up a dialog both intended and quite accidental. Certain visual and emotional connections are made deliberately by me. Yet many associations may be projected by the viewer from this sudden collision of imagery. I return to certain favorite artists again and again as I gradually think of others to reach out to. These pieces attempt to playfully deal with the instant bombardment of imagery we face at the computer.
Most of the images in my virtual collages are labeled just as they were found on line. There is no attempt to deny them credit or claim authorship. Sounds like the internet doesn't it?